Jefferson Avenue is the main transportation and commercial corridor in River Rouge, a city just south of Downtown Detroit. The City saw an opportunity for revitalizing Jefferson Avenue by forming a new plan for the corridor. The corridor has faced economic struggles, especially after the bridge at the north end was damaged, preventing travel between River Rouge and Detroit.

The road was also five lanes wide or wider, which was overbuilt for the traffic volumes typically seen in the city. River Rouge also wanted to create more non-motorized transportation opportunities and tie into the statewide Iron Belle Trail.

McKenna gathered input from residents and city staff to determine potential redevelopment sites and general goals for the corridor. The plan included a retail market gap analysis to show how the corridor would be an attractive option for certain types of businesses. McKenna also developed a road design that included on-street bicycling routes and better pedestrian accommodations, meeting a major need on the corridor and taking advantage of the available right-of-way. Landscaping and streetscape elements were also included. The city used this plan to apply for a Transportation Alternatives Program grant to implement these improvements.

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