Challenged by new ownership to redevelop Fountain Walk, a 737,000 square foot retail development in Novi, Michigan, McKenna Associates seized the opportunity to use creative design to bolster both aesthetic and economic development.

Renovations to the newly named Twelve Mile Crossing at Fountain Walk were an attempt to bring new businesses to the pedestrian mall. The projects goals included:

  • Increase leasing percentage; since its opening in 2000, only 60-70% of the space had been occupied
  • Correct the mall’s confusing layout
  • Stem financial problems that plagued the complex
  • Provide vehicular and pedestrian access to the interior of the mall Create a human scale that would be more inviting
  • Improve the overall aesthetic

Key to meeting these goals was providing a pedestrian-scale street through the center of the project, which opened the storefronts to pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Once McKenna designers created an inviting pedestrian scale environment with on-street parking, street trees, paving accents and seating areas, including a dramatic central drop off area, mall business owners began seeing business increases of 20% or more even before the Grand Opening.

As a result of these design changes, Twelve Mile Crossing at Fountain Walk saw a dramatic turnaround in sales, tenant satisfaction, and increased leasing.

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