Established in 1859 on the shores of Lake Orion, the Village of Lake Orion stands apart from other communities, boasting a historic downtown, well-established residential neighborhoods, and natural resources with abundant lakefront and rivers. Located In northern Oakland County, the Village prides itself on its park and recreation system, trails, and natural features. In need of an update to their parks and recreation master plan, McKenna worked closely with the Village to develop a new plan with a strategic action plan for the community to implement.

To execute the Village’s commitment to seek as much public input as possible, McKenna planners devised a community-wide survey that assessed the public’s recreation needs and priorities. McKenna then presented at public meetings to confirm and explain the survey results and provide direction for the Master Plan. The process revealed, among other things, a strong desire for trails and pathways, vigorous environmental resource management, and a park and wayfinding signage plan.

As a result of the McKenna-led public participation process, the Parks and Recreation Master Plan identified a number of key community goals. It also provided Village leaders with documented support to pursue those goals and ensure their community’s premier park system for years to come.

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