Building Department Services

Building Department Services

Webberville, MI

The Village of Webberville, a two square mile town in Ingham County along Grand River Avenue just off of I-96, had been experiencing moderate growth and development interest. It was enough that they wanted to provide quality service, but not enough to support a full-time Building Department. McKenna has provided building services that cater directly to Webberville’s specific needs.

Based on the level of building activity, the Village recognized they did not need a full time Building Official. To control costs and provide highly qualified professional service to their citizens and customers, the Village contracted with McKenna to provide a part-time Building Official.

In addition, McKenna inspectors provide a wide variety of inspection services to the Village, including: Building and Trades (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire Prevention), and State and Federal Grant Programs. Our inspectors remain up to date on all the required registrations, licenses, and certifications to ensure all current code requirements and regulations are met.

Residents and contractors have appreciated our inspectors’ expertise when dealing with issues relating to code compliance, and flexibility when scheduling inspections.

By having access to highly trained and certified plan reviewers in varying fields, McKenna has provided thorough and consistent review of projects in residential, commercial, and public areas. Our reviewers’ knowledge of codes, combined with our flexible scheduling abilities, has allowed applicants to commence work on construction projects as quickly as possible.

Applicants enjoy our plan reviewers’ ability to provide a timely review of project plans and that they are also available, either in person or by phone, to directly discuss necessary corrections and changes.

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