The Village of Oxford is located within the borders of Oxford Township in Oakland County. The Village is one square mile and has been named one of Oakland County’s Main Street Communities due to its flourishing downtown area and numerous community events and festivals.

McKenna has provided building services that cater directly to the community’s specific needs, including a part–time Building Official.

McKenna updated all Building Department applications and forms, making them more comprehensive and streamlined. Included in this update was an analysis of fees, which compared the Village’s current application fee schedules to those of surrounding and similar municipalities. This ensured that proper revenue was brought in for the services provided to residents. Once these updates were completed, McKenna made access to Building Department applications and forms easier by ensuring increased access to the Village website.

By having access to highly trained and certified plan reviewers in varying fields, McKenna has provided thorough and consistent review of projects in residential, commercial, industrial, and public areas. Our reviewers’ knowledge of codes, combined with our flexible scheduling abilities, has allowed applicants to commence work on construction projects as quickly as possible.

Applicants enjoy our plan reviewers’ ability to provide a timely review of project plans and that they are also available, either in person or by phone, to directly discuss necessary corrections and changes.

McKenna inspectors have been able to perform a wide variety of inspection services to the City, including Building and Trades (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Fire Prevention) and State and Federal Grant Programs. Our inspectors have remained up to date on all the required registrations, licenses, and certifications in order to ensure all current code requirements and regulations are being met.

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