Building Department Services

Building Department Services

Inkster, MI

With over 25,000 residents in the heart of Wayne County, Michigan, Inkster is a hard working community with high aspirations. Throughout the years, McKenna has been able to assist City government and staff process an increased volume of commercial developments and residential occupancy. The creation and implementation of clear procedures for all building, planning, and zoning applications has considerably decreased inefficiencies in processes across the board.

Administration and Staffing

Within the Building Department, McKenna has staffed both the Building Official (Act 54) and Department Administrator. Both positions have remained adjustable in availability based on work volume and the City’s own staffing needs. Such flexibility has reduced in-house staffing costs, provided outstanding customer service, and improved response times.

Plan Review

By having access to highly trained and certified plan reviewers in varying fields, McKenna has provided thorough and consistent review of projects in residential, commercial, industrial, and public areas. Our inspectors’ knowledge of codes, combined with our flexible scheduling abilities has allowed applicants to commence work on construction projects as quickly as possible.


McKenna inspectors have been able to perform a wide variety of inspection services to the City including: Building and Trades (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire Prevention), Rental and Vacant Properties, Reuse and Re-occupancy, and State and Federal Grant Programs. Our inspectors have remained up-to-date on all the required registrations, licenses, and certifications in order to ensure all current code requirements and regulations are being met.

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