Brightmoor Neighborhood Plan

Brightmoor Neighborhood Plan

Detroit, MI

Detroit’s Brightmoor neighborhood has been experiencing population decline for more than 30 years. McKenna worked in collaboration with AAB Development Strategies LLC to create a comprehensive strategy to manage the decline, provide opportunity for new development, and protect intact neighborhoods in a sustainable manner.

Key plan recommendations included:

  • Reducing the ownership red tape and using the Detroit Land Bank to get public control of land
  • Demolishing over 2,000 housing units
  • Establishing a homesteading program
  • Right-sizing public infrastructure by eliminating public streets and blocks
  • Re-locating a major thoroughfare, to increase traffic and the viability of a key commercial corridor

GIS was used extensively to create maps illustrating housing and neighborhood physical conditions, ownership, demographic data, and land uses. The data-driven GIS analysis of the neighborhood served as basis for the policies and recommendations of the plan.

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