Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing & Comprehensive Study

Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing & Comprehensive Study

Battle Creek, MI

As an entitlement jurisdiction, the Federal government requires Battle Creek, Michigan to prepare an Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice (AI) that identifies fair housing impediments in the community and provides a plan and resources to address any shortcomings. The AI provided a comprehensive review of all practices within the public and private sectors that could become or have become impediments to fair housing choice. Utilizing existing documents, coordination with City staff, and extensive communication with agencies and representatives throughout the City, McKenna staff provided Battle Creek with a thorough and accurate understanding of fair housing in the AI.

Along with the AI, the City also desired a Comprehensive Housing Study – a thorough overview of the housing market in Battle Creek and the surrounding region, with an eye towards future development of housing in the City. McKenna’s analysis was designed to help the City understand how to competitively market its neighborhoods to create a stronger and more integrated community.

To gather public input and collect information from stakeholders from all parts of the community, McKenna worked with the City to conduct two focus group sessions and a Community Forum. During focus group meetings, representatives of service organizations, public agencies, and housing providers were invited to discuss the services they provide, the issues they face, and their thoughts on solving those problems. The Community Forum was an opportunity for residents to discuss issues within their neighborhoods and in the City as a whole.

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