A Message from McKenna in Support of the Global Black Lives Matter Movement

At McKenna, it is our job and our passion to support great communities.

A great community is one that is equitable and inclusive. A great community is one where all feel safe living there and welcomed visiting there. A great community is one with fair and equal access to housing, transportation, employment, health care and education. A great community is one where residents’ voices are heard and lives are respected. A great community is great for all.

For far too long, the structural and systemic racism that pervades our society and towns–including biased practices in the planning and building services professions themselves–have gone unchallenged and unmoved. We own our role in how we got here, and are committed to compassion and change.

As McKenna works to better listen and thoughtfully identify our opportunities for responsible transformation, we say today that we support those working and fighting to make every community great.

For those encouraged to learn more about equity and community planning, the American Planning Association offers resources, including their Planning for Equity Policy Guide

We invite you to share your feedback with us. Contact us at (888) 226-4326.

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