Lyon Township, Oakland County, Michigan Lyon Township Master Plan and Urban Design

Located in southwest Oakland County, Lyon Township is on the leading edge of development in the Metro Detroit area, where its population of 15,000 is expected to triple within 30 years. To manage development pressure and preserve the rural identity of the community, McKenna prepared a master plan in 1999 prescribing low density, single family residential areas for most of the Township, balanced by an industrial corridor and expanded commercial development at one major interchange.

With development creeping closer to Lyon Township and adjacent cities threatening annexation, McKenna worked with the Township to update the 1999 Plan. The resulting document, adopted in 2006, provides a clear vision for transforming the neglected hamlet of New Hudson into a pedestrian-focused downtown, and defining an urban service district to remove the threat of annexation by serving more areas with Township utilities. The Plan’s recommended Downtown Development Authority has been established, with work underway to build a ring road around New Hudson and a round-about to anchor the heart of the redeveloped downtown. Though residential subdivisions are replacing some farmland, deep viewsheds with naturalized plantings along major roadways preserve Lyon Township’s traditionally rural atmosphere.