City of Dayton, Ohio Tech Town Redevelopment Plan

McKenna and Gem Public Sector Services joined forces to combine their specialties in real estate market analysis, design, and land use planning to give the City of Dayton a realistic vision for an advanced technology park campus at the former General Motors Harrison Plant on the City’s north side. Critical to the project was the preservation and reuse of the two existing office towers. The project is the centerpiece of a larger Tech Town District of redevelopment in Dayton.

McKenna urban designers created a concept development plan showing a new block and grid structure, circulation patterns, and building and parking lot locations in a manner consistent with the market study, accepted development and design, and regulatory requirements. The market analysis results supported approximately 430,000 square feet of new flexible office and manufacturing/warehousing uses. McKenna’s design respects the historical background of the site, redesigns potential remediation areas, makes integral connections to the Riverscape Park and pathway system, plus adapts to the existing infrastructure, utilities and circulation network, and connections to the City’s core.

The Phase I plan responded directly to the market study. The overall Conceptual Development Plan illustrated an ultimate vision for the site, converting the land use plan to a two-dimensional detailed site plan of sufficient detail to solicit redevelopers. McKenna’s plan was transformed into a three-dimensional computer model illustrating the site massing. The final image, a perspective rendering, provided a true sense of feeling for the new space.