Wyandotte, Michigan Community Outreach and Marketing

  • mckenna

When the State of Michigan awarded Wyandotte Municipal Services (WMS) a sizable grant to help make residents’ homes more energy efficient, the electric utility realized the program’s success hinged on its ability to spread the word. WMS had just three months to convey the program’s benefits to residents in two neighborhoods, enroll them and distribute funds.

To help, McKenna Associates developed an intensive, multi-level marketing campaign that included media relations (press releases, reporter interviews, media outreach), direct mail, advertising, door hangers, yard signs, a web site, social media and six community events. McKenna’s design team created a design theme that unified the various marketing elements and branded the program as an exciting, community-driven and environmentally conscious opportunity for homeowners. McKenna’s marketing specialists reached out to media, community leaders and individual residents to tout the program’s benefits.

Less than one week into the program, the marketing campaign already produced results. The first community meeting turned out some 60 residents with more than 80-percent of households enrolling in the program on the spot. From messaging to design, through program execution, the marketing campaign successfully connected with and engaged a wide range of citizens, and ultimately moved them to take action to improve the comfort and energy efficiency of their homes.