Hartland Township, Livingston County, Michigan Hartland Parks and Recreation Master Plan

Located in northeast Livingston County, MI, the desirable and developing community of Hartland Township saw growing demand for parks and recreation services, but was unable to respond, with majority of its 186 acres of parkland still undeveloped. Township officials looked to the upcoming update of the parks and recreation master plan and concept plans for two key properties to initiate the process of creating an enviable parks and recreation system.

Recognizing the Township’s need for input from a wide range of both active and passive park users, McKenna planners and designers organized a series of stakeholder interviews, a public workshop, and a parks and recreation survey. These far-reaching techniques revealed a widespread desire to develop one key parcel for active recreation—such as soccer, softball, and basketball&mdask;while preserving a second property for more passive uses, including outdoor concerts, walking trails, and a nature center.

As a result, the update to the Parks and Recreation Master Plan and the two accompanying concept plans reflected these newly revealed community goals, and prepared Hartland Township to develop a parks and recreation system that would further distinguish this premier community.