Oshtemo Charter Township, Kalamazoo County, Michigan Oshtemo Master Plan 2011

Having experienced over 20% population growth in the last decade, Oshtemo Charter Township took advantage of a slowdown in development to update its Master Plan to reflect prior growth and identify a new vision. To capture the current vision of the community, McKenna designed a comprehensive public input campaign including a public input survey, community input session, and website. The survey had a response rate of over 33% providing the Township with a comprehensive set of data for development of the Plan.

During the Master Planning process, McKenna planners helped the Township designate five sub-areas for additional sub-area planning. These areas were facing development pressures and are likely to face land use changes in the immediate future. Therefore, further analysis was necessary to determine the best vision for these areas. Two of these sub-area plans were completed as part of the Master Planning process. These plans involved day-long design work sessions and focus group workshops.

One of the goals of the Master Planning process was to make the Plan more accessible and easier to read and use. To that end, the document was provided in a clean, crisp, graphic format using multiple colors and images to convey the goals of the Plan and enhance the readability of the document. This design also allows the Plan to be viewed more easily on the web.