Green Oak Village Place, Green Oak Township, Livingston County, Michigan Hybrid Lifestyle Center — Landscape Design

Located in the developing edge community of Green Oak Township, the 550,000 square foot lifestyle center of Green Oak Village Place aspired to be the trade area’s premier shopping experience, featuring high-end stores and eateries in an outdoor environment. To attract visitors, however, to an inherently vehicle-centered site the center would need to be transformed into an inviting pedestrian experience.

McKenna designed a one-of-a-kind landscape theme featuring defining elements that include outdoor restaurants and seating areas, an elegantly planted entryway with a striking water jet display, a network of pedestrian pathways, thousands of square feet of curved bands of vibrantly colored sidewalks, expanses of perennial beds and lush environmentally sensitive plantings. Four richly planted and individually distinct pocket parks nestle into the 65-acre site to provide shoppers natural retreats with a sense of place.

At McKenna’s recommendation a curator was hired to oversee a sculpture garden featuring nearly 20 large outdoor works of art to add year-round interest and reinforce the uniqueness of this exceptional hybrid lifestyle center.