Genesee County, Michigan Housing Study for an Affordable Assisted Living Development

  • mckenna

With the Baby Boomer generation aging, leaders in Genesee County, MI (population 432,700) recognized the importance of understanding the housing needs of seniors and asked McKenna to assess the demand for affordable assisted living facilities. The first phase of the study involved an assessment of the existing assisted living environment. McKenna conducted interviews with key stakeholders, including representatives from the housing, social services, and long-term care sectors. McKenna’s research revealed that, despite overall support and acceptance of affordable housing for seniors, the current number of units was woefully inadequate to serve the burgeoning senior population.

The second phase of the study identified the most appropriate location in the County for a new assisted living facility. McKenna correlated median age with income for each municipality to accomplish this task, finding that Genesee Township would be the most appropriate location to serve the maximum number of seniors in the target income level.

In the third phase, McKenna assessed the political feasibility of an assisted living facility for seniors. Leaders in each of the County’s 16 communities were consulted on the perceived need and receptivity to senior housing. McKenna professionals then assessed the availability of utilities to serve a facility. Finally, McKenna analyzed zoning ordinances for each community in the County to determine receptivity from a regulatory point-of-view.

The study provided a comprehensive understanding of the market, receptivity, and geographic aspects of affordable assisted living facilities for seniors in Genesee County to help leaders better address the needs of this growing population.