Scottville, Michigan Scottville, MI Main Street Market Analysis

When the DDA updated its Development Plan in 2007, one of the identified goals was the marketing of the downtown area and the recruitment and development of new businesses in the district. Specifically, one of the high priority projects identified by the DDA was a market study for downtown Scottville. The City also became a Michigan Main Street community.

McKenna worked with Scottville Main Street (formerly the DDA) to define the market area and what types of businesses it should target to fill voids in the existing mix of uses in the downtown area. This study: 1) Helped Scottville Main Street understand the downtown’s place in the overall regional marketplace, 2) Served as an important recruitment tool for the community, 3) Identified opportunities for the community, and 4) provided meaningful direction for downtown development and marketing initiatives. Utilizing unique graphics, concise statements, and minimized jargon, the Plan presented its findings in an easy-to-use format.