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It's building the big picture through the details.

When we plan with your community, we take into account all the life that happens there. These details inform everything from our far-reaching master plans to tactical initiatives to increase public buy-in.

Our planners understand the importance of incorporating a bigger picture into communities at every level. We account for how spaces will be used every day, and work to positively affect livability, the environment, and sustainable use as we help communities define their collective vision.

Master Planning

Our master planning approach is sensitive to history, size, scale, population, demographics, and diversity of people and place.

Transportation Planning

We help chart the long-term vision for transportation options that support the way people are naturally inclined to move.

Economic Development

Our professionals assist in establishing private and public partnerships for economic success and help develop and manage the organizational infrastructure to support such relationships.

Neighborhood Planning

Our neighborhood plans help create consensus and provide a vision, giving residents the opportunity to directly impact the physical, social, and economic future of their community.

Corridor Studies

We assess city arteries and seek public input, looking for opportunities for sustainable growth and practical change.

Parks and Recreation Planning

We assist communities with recreation master plans, park designs, construction documents, field inspections, funding sources, and more to create public spaces that add to quality of life.


Our zoning professionals help communities write context-sensitive ordinances and form-based codes that provide structure to achieve their goals.

Downtown Planning

We help develop blueprints for more attractive, vital, and prosperous commercial cores, while factoring in opportunities for future development.

Community Development

We have a decades-long tradition of assisting communities and non-profits in administering and managing community development grant programs to bring about meaningful change.

Public Engagement

We involve the public through all stages in our process, with trained facilitators skilled at creating open discussions so the entire community can work toward common objectives.

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