Laura E. Haw, AICP, NCI

Principal Planner

Laura is a principal planner and project manager who provides technical planning, design and zoning assistance to cities, villages, townships, and private developers throughout Michigan and Ohio by facilitating public engagement sessions and utilizing the feedback during planning and design processes. Laura prepares strategic land use recommendations and placemaking alternatives with a focus on walkable and sustainable neighborhoods and downtowns. Additionally, Laura creates redevelopment plans including implementation matrices detailing project prioritization, phasing, economic incentives, potential partners, and funding sources.

Laura holds a Bachelor of Art in political science, global area studies and international development and a master’s degree in urban planning, physical planning and design from the University of Michigan, Taubman College of Art and Architecture.

“As a designer, I seek to identify, create and implement opportunities that enhance our communities into places that feel good, spaces we remember and enjoy. With every planning project come moments where we can act to make a lasting, positive impact on the quality of a place, through planning and design best practices and creativity. Seeing that vision come to life for others is the most rewarding aspect of this field.”

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