2010 December 7 Expert Tips for Preparing Consolidated Plans
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If you are preparing to undertake a consolidated plan, be sure to consider these expert tips from mckenna professionals who have prepared consolidated plans for communities across the midwest:

  1. USE CREATIVE MEASURES to improve public participation, such as social media, food at meetings, online surveys, even an appeal to civic duty.
  2. USE UP-TO-DATE DATA for the most meaningful analysis.
  3. HOLD INTERNAL STRATEGY MEETINGS with other municipal departments and consider your Capital Improvements Plan. Is it time to take a new approach to how you spend CDBG or HOME funding?
  4. CONSIDER WORKING WITH NEIGHBORING COMMUNITIES to coordinate planning efforts or projects.
  5. VIEW YOUR CONSOLIDATED PLAN AS AN OPPORTUNITY to orient future planning rather than merely a requirement.
  6. CONSIDER EXPERT HELP from professionals who can ensure the process meets federal guidelines while achieving your community’s goals.

Among the services McKenna Associates offers:

  • Preparation of Consolidated Plans, Annual Action Plans, and Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice
  • Housing studies
  • HUD compliance and reporting
  • Public facilitation
  • Grant writing
  • CDBG administration

To learn more about how McKenna can assist you with your Consolidated Plan or other HUD programs, contact Sarah Traxler at straxler@mcka.com or call us at 888.226.4326.