2010 September Complete Streets
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The State of Michigan recently passed Complete Streets legislation that amends both Act 51 (the Michigan Transportation Fund law) and the Michigan Planning Enabling Act. These amendments:

  • Require MDOT to adopt a Complete Streets policy
  • Reward local governments that adopt Complete Streets policies with more say in stateand county road projects
  • Mandate a small percentage of Act 51 money be spent on Complete Streets improvements
  • Require community master plans to provide for safe and efficient movement of peopleand goods by vehicle, bicycle, and foot
  • Require that streets accomodate use by bicycles, pedestrians, and other legal users in addition to motor vehicles.

Communities across Michigan are adopting Complete Streets policies and laws to guide their own street improvement projects and to provide them leverage in the design of state and county road projects within their boundaries. McKenna’s experienced planners and designers can assist you in creating a Complete Streets policy and integrating those policies into your road design standards and land development requirements. For more information, contact all your McKenna planner or Amy Chesnut at 888-226-4326 or achesnut@mcka.com.