2010 August Better Wireless Approach Comes at No Cost to Communities

More communities across Michigan, Ohio and Illinois have concluded they need a more sophisticated approach to wireless permit requests and lease agreements to counter the industry’s aggressive campaign to install more towers and facilities. With the help of McKenna Associates and AT NO COST TO THE COMMUNITY, these municipalities are improving their ability to

  • Ensure the safety of citizens
  • Control tower location and height
  • Increase non-tax revenue from wireless permit fees and leases

Wireless carriers are under significant pressure to quickly expand capacity and update their networks to meet the new 4G standard of seamless and high-strength connections. For Midwest communities, this will mean substantially more wireless permit requests (lease revisions, co-locations, new towers, etc.) Typically the highly technical nature of these requests leaves the community at a disadvantage. Now, however, through McKenna/CMS’s new Advanced Wireless Assistance, Review and Expertise program, community leaders can level the playing field - ALL AT NO COST TO THE COMMUNITY. The tower companies and carriers fund their applications and review.


Here are some municipalities already benefiting from McKenna’s help:

  • A major suburb of Detroit, where McKenna is helping unravel years of confusion over ownership and lease payments for a tower on city-owned property.
  • A city in central Illinois (with more than 25 towers) where McKenna is helping put in place a state-of-the-art wireless ordinance, at no cost to the city.
  • Townships in southwest Michigan and along I-75 where the township boards haven’t had a cell tower application in years, but recognize the need for a new ordinance to be ready for the capacity pressure.
  • An Ohio community that was able to ensure, with McKenna’s help, a new antenna (to be co-located on an existing tower) will not overload the tower or have undue visual impact on homes.

Each of these communities is working with McKenna to leverage the experiences of hundreds of communities across the country and “level the playing field” with wireless carriers. For more about how McKenna can assist your community with wireless AT NO COST TO YOU, email info@mcka.com or call us at 888-226-4326.