2010 June Manage Wireless in Your Community

The next few years are expected to bring an onslaught of new requests for cell towers and other wireless infrastructure to municipalities like yours. The spike is the direct result of an explosion in the use of smart phones and other wireless communication devices, all driving the wireless industry to build more cell towers and antennas to keep up with demand. Expert wireless guidance is required for the effective review of new towers and antennas to avoid costly mistakes - including the forfeiture of revenue and local control.

McKenna Associates, trusted for more than 32 years as the Midwest’s premier community planning firm has teamed with America’s top municipal wireless consultant to help communities control wireless facilities and negotiate better deals.

The Center for Municipal Solutions, CMS, specializes in wireless communication consulting and works exclusively for municipalities — never for the wireless industry. McKenna/CMS has an enhanced high-level service and can help your community level the playing field with the wireless industry, increase revenues from leases, maintain local control and maximize intrusion into the public view.

McKenna/CMS can help your community

  • INCREASE REVENUE from new and existing facilities
  • IMPROVE CONTROL over wireless facilities in your jurisdiction
  • ENSURE SAFETY and AESTHETICS for your citizens
  • At NO COST to you, establish a better system for handling wireless applications.

But it is important to act now to be prepared for the impending round of wireless expansion. Take an important step toward protecting your community’s future and securing a new non-tax revenue source by calling the McKenna/CMS team today at 888.226.4326.