2009 February 24 Michigan’s Movie Movement: Is Your Community Ready to Roll?

The State of Michigan recently passed legislation offering tax incentives to movie companies to attract the film industry to the State. A movie set not only employs large film crews, it can attract thousands of tourists and visitors who then shop at local stores, eat at local restaurants, and become familiar with the community. Many municipalities in Southeast Michigan have already benefited from a movie company filming or locating in their area. We want to make sure your community is poised to take advantage of this opportunity as well.


To attract movie companies, some communities have streamlined their permit process and marketing material. For example, one city created a website marketing itself to potential movie companies, highlighting its permit process and listing available production sites, leasable property and local attractions. Many movies are set against historic downtowns, charming waterfronts or scenic views. But many others require industrial sites, urban street settings, rural landscapes or neighborhoods of varying types. Your community is a candidate for a movie set.


Would you be ready if tomorrow a movie company sought a permit to start filming in your community? It may be advantageous to streamline your permit approval process for movie production. You may also want to consider developing a marketing tool kit consisting of a website, brochure, or similar media, to attract movie companies. Your McKenna planner can help your community take steps to become more movie-friendly, from permits to publicity.

For information on streamlining your permit process and preparing a marketing tool kit to attract movie production to your community, contact your McKenna planner or McKenna Associates at 248.596.0920.