Team McKenna

We’re in the business of making hometowns home.

It all starts with listening. We engage with community officials to identify their challenges, then develop creative, thoughtful solutions to realize the unique vision of the project. Whether it’s a community-wide master plan or design for a focused development, our multidisciplinary team brings a hands-on approach, seamlessly working with municipal executives, or on their behalf.

Our people bring an array of expertise, with backgrounds ranging from municipal policy to design to commercial construction. We build proactive and lasting relationships with the public executives we serve as we help build communities for real life.

Our Team

John R. Jackson

President, AICP, NCI

Paul Lippens

Director of Transportation and Urban Design

Sarah Traxler

Vice President, AICP, NCI

Gina Sloan

Vice President/Controller

Jim Allen

Landscape Architect

Mike Campbell

Architect, Urban Designer

Mike Deem

Senior Planner, AICP

Christopher J. Doozan

Senior Vice President

Deanna Dupuy

Assistant Planner

Gregory McNeal Elliot

Principal Planner, AICP

Stephen Hannon

Assistant Planner

Becky Harvey

Senior Principal Planning Consultant

Laura E. Haw

Principal Planner

Sally Hodges

Planning Consultant

Patti Holm

Administrative Assistant

Brian Keesey

Senior Planner

Christopher Khorey

Principal Planner, AICP

Carrie Leitner

Senior Graphic Designer

Phil McKenna

Past President

Kristal Molitor

Administrative Assistant

Arthur Mullen

Planning Consultant

Mario Ortega

Principal Planner, AICP

Erin Schlutow

Associate Planner

Patrick Sloan

Senior Principal Planner, AICP

Kacy Terrell

Senior Administrative Assistant

Krishnan Vidya

Senior Planner

Ralph Welton

Building Official- Director of Internal Operations

Jim Wright

Building Official- Director of External Operations
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